Why Choose Us?


Smiles by Soileau was opened in 1998 by Dr. Tony Soileau and in 2011, we wanted to offer our patients a better experience in a new state of the art facility, Today, we are housed in a 1st class facility on Settlers Trace Blvd.


The moment you walk into our office you’re going to sense the difference. While some practices feel it’s enough to cover the technical basis behind the scenes, we’ve put extra effort into making our patients feel at ease during the entire process. At Smiles by Soileau, everyone is totally focused on your comfort, peace of mind and sense of well being at all times.

Range of Services

There isn’t any challenge we’re not trained and experienced at solving, no procedure we’re not qualified to deliver or oral health needs we aren’t capable of handling.


Smiles by Soileau is one of the few practices in the area that can boast of having the most current or advanced arsenal of dental and medical tools and technologies. We not only have the latest and greatest tools filling our treatment toy box, we’re also fully trained and qualified in their operation all to make your smile unforgettable.

One-On-One Care

We treat all of our patients the same in some ways and different in others. No two are ever exactly alike in our eyes. At Smiles by Soileau, we have a unique brand of personalized one-on-one service which plays a major role in what sets us apart in the community.

Just Ask Our Patients!

Ultimately no one can possibly express those things that make us truly different better than those we serve. With that in mind, you’re invited to view our VIDEOS to see the work we’ve done for others VIDEOS featuring patients sharing their feelings.