Make Your Smile
White & Bright!

(Actual Patient Shown)


Store bought ‘one-white-fits-all’ smile whiteners may have their place. But, when it comes to creating a lasting, truly natural-looking and ‘just-the-right-white’ for you nothing comes close to a Smile by Soileau. An example of this is the simple fact we offer a variety of whites so you can choose the right white for you!

Natural White

For natural looking stainless white teeth you can do yourself at home.

Glamour White

Kick it up a notch with a whiter than white smile – it’s the kind of smile some people have to look at twice to believe. Glamour White requires a one-hour office visit.

Pageant White

These are the smiles that help win beauty competitions and the one top fashion models and actors demand. It takes a little extra time (2 one hour office visits and a home bleaching kit) but for those who are looking for a smile with real star power, this is the one.